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Vauxhall Corsa C Door Sill Protectors (5 Door)


Tailor Made: These Sill Protectors have been tailor made to fit a Vauxhall Corsa from approx 2000 to 2006 (known as the Corsa 'C') For the 5 door hatch model. They have an attractive downward curve along the front, protecting not only the upper surface, but also the rounded area of the sill which is the part most likely to get scratched.
Number of Sill Protectors: There are 2 Sill Protectors in the Set measuring - 530mm & 240mm

Polished, Solid Stainless Steel. These Lockwood kick plates / sill protectors have been tailor made from high quality polished, Solid Stainless Steel. 

Engraved: The engraving in the photo shown above is actually etched into the Stainless Steel. It will not wear off.

Fitting: Lockwood kick plates can be fitted in minutes because they come already backed with powerful, automotive grade adhesive tape. There are no tools required and no holes to drill. Simply clean the door sills and stick the protectors onto them. (Easy to follow instructions supplied).

Benefits: If your door sills are not protected sooner or later your beautiful car will get scratched (by either your feet your passengers feet your childrens feet or your dogs feet!). So don't take the risk, fit Lockwood sill protectors. Once fitted these kick plates will provide protection for a lifetime. And if your sills are already scratched will make them look better than new.  

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